Université Clermont Auvergne – Master of Physics

UCA / Ecole Universitaire de Physique et d’Ingénierie – Master de Physique Fondamentale et Applications

Big Bang ? Nanoparticles ? Elementary particles ? Light-matter interactions ? Big data ?

Quantum Field Theory ? Nanophotonics ? General Relativity ? Data science ?

You want to become experts in several of these fields ?

Join us to finalize your academic studies in a university on a human scale, surrounded by a preserved natural environment! Our master’s program is open to anyone with a degree in physics. You can also join us in the second year of the Master’s degree if you have already obtained a first year of a Master’s degree in physics at another university or if you wish to specialize after obtaining a Master’s degree in physics in another field.

The « Master de Physique Fondamentale et Applications » (Master of Physics) of Université Clermont Auvergne is organized in two years, with two specialities « Nanophysics » and « Universe & Particles« .

  • First year:
    • advanced lectures in general physics,
    • speciality course during the second semester (« introduction to particle physics » or « photonics »),
    • ten weeks internship in a research laboratory or a private company.
  • Second year:
    • lectures on both theoretical concepts and instrumental methods, either in « Nanophysics » or in « Universe & Particles »,
    • possibility to follow dedicated lectures on data science and machine learning and to obtain a degree in Data Science,
    • five month internship in a research laboratory or a private company.

All advanced lectures are given by faculty members and researchers of the Institut Pascal (Nanophysics) and Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont (Universe & Particles), members of international collaborations, through ERC or CERN programs.